NEW 11-16-2020: Mask Mandate

Date : Nov 16
When : Now!
Time : Now!

Covid Update

Tuesday, November 17th, 2020



At the school board meeting held tonight, the board voted to approve a resolution supporting the mandate from the Carroll County Board of Supervisors that requires face coverings to be worn in public areas when social distancing is not possible. This would include surgical face masks, cloth face masks, and gaiters if they are 2 ply. After the meeting the governor required this from all Iowa citizens in public places.


At the beginning of the year we supplied each student with a mask and we supplied our secondary students with two. We would ask that you please send your students with a mask beginning on Wednesday. We will have some on hand at school for emergency purposes. We will be requesting that students wear them when we cannot provide the space to social distance in order to comply with the mandate. The order would not include activities such as vigorous exercise, outdoor recess, and athletic practices.


We are very aware that there are a lot of opinions related to a face covering requirement and we have worked hard to accommodate all of those opinions. At this time, we feel we have no choice but to follow the state and county mandate. The wearing of face coverings will eliminate any need for us to contact trace in school if both parties are wearing one properly.


Our number one goal is to keep our students in a face to face model. The only threat to this is if we continue to see an increasing number of positive cases in students and staff. The best way to insure we stay in this face to face model is to follow the proclamation.


Once again, these are unprecedented times and the circumstances that surround it are always changing. We will monitor our own situation and evaluate frequently.


Personally, I feel these are the times when we, as members of a small community, need to work together to support each other. Whether we agree or disagree with the mandate, we should be able to agree that if it keeps our kids in school it is worthwhile. Thank you so much for your cooperation.